Business Consulting Practice

Business Consulting Practice

Business Consulting Practice

Faelon offers business-consulting services to help business owners plan and prepare their businesses for sale. Whether you have months or a decade remaining at the helm, now is the time to start planning. The earlier you plan the sale of your business, the more you can maximize its value and minimize the tax ramifications of the sale.

Our book, Exit Strategy: Maximizing the Value of Your Business, explains the importance of planning for the sale. Our consulting practice is based on the precepts explained in Exit Strategy and intended for middle market business owners.

Our business consulting practice helps owners define a comprehensive exit strategy based on professional objectives and personal financial goals.

If growth is the goal, we can help you achieve it through:

  • Organized growth
  • Acquisitions
  • Development of marketing/branding strategies
  • Repair of operational challenges

We can help you identify the necessary professionals to develop:

  • Personal financial plan
  • Estate and gifting plan
  • Real estate ownership/holdings strategy
  • Tax strategy for the eventual sale of your business
  • Retirement planning

Talk to us about how we may assist you with preparing an exit strategy and achieving your short and long-term objectives leading to the sale of your business. © 2017 4979 Olson Memorial Hwy Suite #101 Golden Valley, MN 55422 Phone: 763-231-4200 Fax: 763-231-4264