Book Comments

Book Comments

What Business Owners and Advisors Are Saying About Exit Strategy

I am convinced that without implementing the strategy outlined in Exit Strategy, a seller would lose 30% to 40% of the money they deserve from the sale of their business.

George Abraham, President, Business Evaluation Systems

I highly recommendExit Strategy for anyone who will be involved in buying or selling a business. The management insights and practical skills presented in this book are extremely important in conducting negotiations successfully.

Gary Rappaport, President, Venturian Corporation

Exit Strategy so clearly identifies the planning that must occur long before a business owner is ready to sell. It’s a very important and practical resource for business owners and their advisors.

Marjorie Mathison Hance, Vice President for External Relations and Co-founder, International Institute for Women Entrepreneurs, The College of St. Catherine

As a businessman and financial advisor to business owners I understand the core issue. Trying to integrate business transition efforts into the day-to-day challenges of operating and growing a business requires additional information, time and decision making. If this is the first time a business owner has been through this effort it can at times feel like a daunting task. Tom’s book takes the process and lays it out in a fashion that gives the reader an awareness of what is involved and a way to, perhaps, better outcomes
Thomas Fee, Principal, Managing Partner, Vector Wealth Management
Businesses that follow Exit Strategy‘s principles will find that they are more attractive candidates for private equity investors. The preparation, planning and execution outlined in Tom’s book are paramount to maximizing the value of your business.

Steve Soderling, Principal, Tonka Bay Equity Partners

Tom Lyons’Exit Strategy is a useful tool for business owners as they work to maximize the value of their businesses. The easy-to-follow format appeals to the practical-minded entrepreneur.

Beth Ewen, Editor and co-founder, Upsize Minnesota magazine.

After reading the book, I met Tom, found him to be a straight-up, no-nonsense kind of guy, so I bought copies for all of my members and told them each to read it five years before they intend to harvest.
Norm Stoehr, Founder & Chairman, Inner Circle

Since reading Exit Strategy, I’m much more diligent in all my business growth plans because now I see where it’s all going. It helps you understand the importance of knowing what you want out of your business and how you’re going to get it. A wise exit strategy is an opportunity to leave a legacy for your children’s children.

Tom Kieffer, President, Lighting Masters

Large businesses aren’t the only ones that can benefit from readingExit Strategy. It’s extremely helpful for $1-5 million and middle market companies, too.
George Kinley, Owner, Kinley Golf & Sport

Exit Strategy is the kind of book you can’t put down; you keep it nearby so you can always refer to it. It makes you think about life—family, wife, children, friendships—and how the sale of the business may affect them.
Jimmy Theros, Founder, St. Clair Broiler
Exit Strategy showed the importance of planning, preparation and timing to the sale of my business. The book’s precepts greatly benefited me.
Joe Peltier, Founder,
I enjoyed Exit Strategy, and can see it is a valuable tool for the small business owner.
Curtis Bradford, Attorney at Law
Exit Strategy should be read by anybody who’s thinking about starting a business—because you need to know how to get out of it before you even get into it.
Walt Wittmer, Founder, Builder & Former General Manager, Valley Fair Amusement Park
This book is an indispensable resource for all business owners and advisors. It should be read by anyone selling a business.
Dave Hoitomt, Vice President, M&I Bank (Retired)
I wish I had read Exit Strategy previous to starting my business, which would have helped me achieve my financial objectives sooner. I think everyone should read this book before starting a business.
Kevin Hanson, Founder and President, Omega Lithograph

Exit Strategy emphasizes the importance of comprehensive professional M&A representation when preparing to exit a business. The book clearly explains how a team of professionals led by an M&A advisor can help business owners maximize the value of their businesses.



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